Dealing with your ISP & Dynamic IP’s

ISP’s hate home web servers. Sorry ISP’s, say you don’t all you like, we know you don’t and you can’t tell us otherwise. The majority of major ISP’s block port 80 and that is kind of important as all web browsers use port 80 to connect to the non www domain name, which is what most people type into their web browser.

Restricted ports by ISP:

Cox – Click the link, it’s a large list.

Comcast – As of this post they don’t currently block port 80, but that is sure to change.

AT&T – known for selectively blocking 25 and 80.

RoadRunner – known for selectively blocking port 80.

CentryLink – Seems to be ok with port 80 for the time being, and will be for the foreseeable future, according to one of our sources.

Needless to say, not all are evil, but as you can see it can be annoying to get a simple web server launched for you tiny website. So what is the solution?

First off, stop worrying about your ISP. They are not going to change their policies to suit you, so you need to change you to suit you. You can run a web server off from a port other then 80! Now I don’t recommend thus for a business, but a personal site, this is good to go.


If you have GoDaddy

1. Log into your account
2. Click on Visit My Account
3. Click Launch to the right of Domains
4. Click on the domain you wnat to edit, DON’T CHECK IT!
5. Under settings click Manage under Forwarding
6. Click Add one now
7. In the Forward to field type:
8. Click Add
9. Click Save
10. Click DNS Zone File
11. Click Add Record
12. Click select record A (Host)
13. In the Host section type ww2
14. in the points to field type the IP address of your server.
15. Set Custom 600 seconds
16. Click Finish
17. You will see a message: Action needed! Your 1 changes aren’t final until you save them. Click Save Changes

Obviously GoDaddy does not have Dynamic updating so you will need to update your IP ocationaly, so remember where your IP is! Don’t update the @ record!


There is a site called that allows you to create a port 80 redirect to a port other then 80 for your primary non www domain. so in essence you could have hit your web server without having your guests type some funky port combo to get it up and going on their browser.

Now you will need to create an account on their site. Follow the sites instructions. And then go to your domain provider and update your nameservers to the ZoneEdit nameservers. If you are not sure how to do that contact your domain provider.

Now after all that is done, go to back to the ZoneEdit site and log in.

Click on Manage Zones

Click on the domain you setup durring the setup proccess

Click on Web Forward

In New Domain type: @

In Destination type:
(Replace the with your actual domain name DO NOT put in www. DO make sure the ww2 is there, that will be explained why latter. The 8080 is a possible port you could use on your web server to get arround ISP blocks.)

Ok so now we need to click on Zone Records

Click Add Zone Record

Under Type select: A

Under Subdomain type: ww2

Under TTL type: 300

Under IPv4 Address type: Your public IP address

Ok now we are done with that record one more to go…

Click Add Zone Record

Under Type seclect: CNAME

Under Subdomain type: www

Under TTL type: 300

Under Host-Name type: @

Click Save

Now you may need to ad MX records for your mail server, and such, but this will get the web server part out of the way.

If you need a dynamic IP updater(you probably do) click this link. if you don’t have this you will need to update your public IP when your ISP updates it, and that can be a pain.