Dedicated Hosting



Dedicated hosting, the ultimate freedom from all the bandwidth hogs, resource hungry mongrels in the shared environments. True freedom some say. But is it?

Well freedom in servers is like freedom in real life, it comes at a price. I’m not talking just a high price tag either, but that is part of it.

A dedicated solution requires more attention to your site then just upload and go like you have in the shared environment. You have to take on the burden of managing the whole server from start to finish. Now some companies make this task less daunting by installing an operating system for you like a Linux or Windows operating system, but that barely scratches the surface of what you have to do to get this thing going.

As a basic overview of what you need to run a server, you will need to:

Know how to setup services to run and maintain the server, and manage them if something goes wrong.

Configure the server to become a web server if that is what your trying to accomplish

Configure and install/purchase security software to ensure you don’t have viruses intrude on your server

Configure and install firewall protocols on the server to lessen hacking attacks.

Setup a backup routine.

You may have to install a security certificate(SSL) if you are going to be doing a site accepting personal information like social security numbers or credit card numbers.

And that is just a general overview. There is more stuff you have to do(so server administrators that read this don’t yell at me for what I left out, I know. This is for beginners).

Needless to say, this is very technical, and hard to do. With all the freedoms and performance that comes from the option of having a dedicated server, so do the disbenefitsĀ of needing to know a ton about server administration and security.

Now if you still need one of these awesome machines and you lack the technical knowledge to get this going, don’t fret there are companies, and people out there you can higher that do this stuff for a living. Some on contract and some for permanent employment. Getting with a firm that can help you is normally your best bet if your a small company, but if your a bigger company, better to higher someone to take care of it you can go to if there is an issue.