CMS(Content Management System)

There is a lot of different options that come down when selecting a CMS system for your website. Some CMSes require that you have hosting, and other ones come with it, also known as site builders. They are similar but they do have some differences.


WordPress is probably the most popular CMS out there. Hands down. It’s a blog, it’s a web builder, it’s a family album, it’s a eCommerce site, it can be integrated into a forum, and we are sure we have missed something! Needless to say the options in it are endless. And it is rather seamless too! It does not require an IT expert to figure out, and most hosting companies offer an auto installer, to make the install non technical as well. So from top to bottom easy going. There even is a site builder dedicated to this concept called that uses a modified version of WordPress that does a fantastic job, for people that don’t want to get into the slightly technical angles a full install can entail. It is also amazing. It even comes with a few extras.


Joomla is another popular yet diminishing option. It is known for it’s robust security and appearance, and its ability to have eCommerce integration, and other various integration’s. It is far from beginner in usage. It is more of a intermediate to advanced CMS. We rate it that way, because that is what you will need to get the full effects that you could get from a CMS like WordPress with beginner, to intermediate building and development skills. Another issue with Joomla is it is not as efficient at page load time, so lag can be an issue if you don’t know how to optimize it. Not saying it is a bad CMS, because it is not, but it does need a lot of tweaking to make it an efficient system.


We encourage you to click on the links above and check out the CMS options, and weigh out what you would think would work best. Most importantly, have fun!