On Line Web Site Builders

Online site builders unlike CMS systems are all online, and you don’t have access to your files. Now that is not an issue normally unless you need to move your site. If that becomes the case you might find yourself doing a full rebuild, and that could be annoying. But for the convenience they offer to beginner builders, they can be awfully tempting, and for good reason they are easy to use, and easy to manage, who wouldn’t want one?


Some of the more cutting edge ones that are on the market right now are:


wordpress.com This is between a site builder and a CMS as far as what is offered. You do have the option to export your content from what we have been reported so it breaks the rules a little bit, and we think that is really cool! They have amazing template options, free option, paid option, custom interface, nice beginner layout on the back end, and some basic plugins to get you going. Way more then a basic install of WordPress could ever offer. Definitely a must see.


Go Daddy Website Builder this under loved and under recognized website builder, really needs to get some major mainstream attention! It is amazing. True point and click interface, excellent for the beginning designer, gorgeous high end template selection, surprisingly sharp for a web builder, and what’s more fully SEO compatible. That indicates that you can make it friendly for search engines to search your site easily, something we have seen other site builders kind of fail in this task. Only bad we could find was no way to export data from it, other then that, the Go Daddy team has done a splendid job at really ramping up the web builder since last we saw it!


Wix.com Wix has always been known for its flashy website looks and pretty looks. But it does have some serious draw backs that got it on the bottom of our list. The interface is point and click, but a little difficult to use in comparison to it’s competitors, the flash site makes search engines not very interested in your site, like they can’t read it, and over all, they aren’t offering anything the others aren’t offering and more. We would like to recommend their product as it is pretty, but pretty does not get the job done. Functional, easy to use, and showing up on search engines is what building a site is what it’s all about!


There are others out there, many others in fact, but none that are really cutting edge, or showing a difference in the pack of site builders yet. But as time goes on if they do we will ad them!


Quick edit: We had a question come up we found really interesting. “Why are the site builders you recommend not recommended all over the web?”

We really loved that question! Most of the review sites on the web are paid review sites, or what are known as search engine ranking sites. So they are paid to be built by the companies that benefit the most from the review being posted. Since we don’t get paid by anyone, we just simply post what woks for us, and voice our opinion that way! Hope that helps. Thanks for the question.