How to manually turn off a WordPress Template

Have a template you installed, and it is not well… going so well?

Here’s how to get rid of the template, and that anoying PHP error it is displaying that is preventing your WordPress from comming back up!


Method 1(best)

1. Go into phpMyAdminphpMyAdmin

2. Click on your database on the left paneldb-select-phpmyadmin

3. click wp_options(this may also be something_wp_options in some installs)


4. click on the right arrow, or select 2 from the drop down above the tables.pageturner

5. Find the table called template

6. Click Edit.template1

7. Highlight and clear all of the data in the box.

8. replace it with twentyfifteen

9. click Gotemplatechange

10. Find the table called stylesheet

11. Click Edit.template1

12. Highlight and clear all of the data in the box.

13. replace it with twentyfifteen

14. click Gostylesheet

Your done, and the old theme is properly disabled, and has been replaced with Twenty Fifteen template. If your issue was the template it should now be resolved.


Method 2(not recommended)

First off make sure you have the tools you need.

Tools needed for this exercise:

A reliable FTP program to upload select files and folders, which you can get from here (get the client if you are wondering)

And your FTP credentials (you can get these easily from your WordPress hosting provider)


Now that you have all the tools you will need to get started, let’s get started, this a a real quick and easy fix!*

1. Open FileZilla (or your FTP program of choice) and use your FTP credentials to connect to the server

2. Open the wp-content folder/directory

3. Open the themes folder/directory

4. Find the folder/directory for the template/theme that has went bad, and highlight it and delete it.

Now your WordPress should comeback up without further issues. You may have other issues to tackle after this but for a normal theme issue this should do the trick.

Disclaimer: This article does cause data loss of the theme being deleted so a backup should be made prior to deleting it. if you fail to do so that is on you. We are not responsible for any damages you may encore by not maintain your site backups or maintenance this is for reference only.