WordPress Admin Lockout Fix

So, you go to log into WordPress, and it won’t let you log in. Turns out you can’t retrive your password, because the email on file is for an old email provider you no longer use. Bad day… or is it? We think not!

This will show you how to fix a full password lockout in WordPress!

Tools you will need:
1. An active internet connection.
2. A web browser.
3. Access to your hosting panel.


Step 1.
Log into your web hosting providers hosting panel.

Step 2.
Click on phpMyAdmin,

phpMyAdminStep 3.

Click on your database name on the left side, then click on wp-users.

db-select-phpmyadminStep 4.

Find your username(user_login), and click on the edit to the left of it.

user1Step 5.

On the user_pass field, click the drop down, and select password, and delete the value on the user_pass line.

user2Step 6.

Type your password in clear text in the value box on the user_pass line.

user3Step 7.

Select MD5 from the drop down and click Go!

user4And your done, you should be able to log in with your user ID and password now through wp-admin.

Side note: You can update the email address for the user account as well while in this screen.